Our Services

We provide a nationwide door-to-door (some restrictions may apply) enclosed vehicle transport service using our Ford F450 and 26' ATC 2-car stacker trailer. Our enclosed car trailer has a winch system to allow for precise and safe loading of low-profile vehicles, when needed. We secure the winch to your vehicle with a padded yolk strap for safe loading and unloading of your vehicle. We never use chains to secure your vehicle. Only nylon wheel tie-downs will be used to secure your vehicle. Nylon tie-downs are the best and only way to secure a vehicle. The straps go over the tire and they never touch the frame or chassis and will be secured to the L-track & E-track system in our trailer. We also have padded axle straps, which can be used to secure vehicles to our D-ring system, when needed and appropriate for safe and secure transport. During transport, we will check the tightness of the straps multiple times to make sure everything is safe and secure.

From the moment we pick up your vehicle, we will treat it with the same care as if it was our own. We avoid tracking dirt into your vehicle by using seat covers, steering wheel covers and floor mats to protect your vehicles interior. Once your vehicle is loaded onto our trailer and secured, we cover it with a cloth cover to prevent any scratches. Then it gets covered again with a plastic cover to protect it from any other debris it may encounter during transport. We also complete a detailed pre-loading inspection report of your vehicle, including pictures to ensure your vehicle is delivered in the same condition it was received. We know our customers demand and expect the best when it comes to the handing and care of their vehicles, just as I would. By providing these extra levels of attention and care will give you peace of mind knowing it’s being handled properly and professionally.

As a nationwide enclosed vehicle transport company, Long Haul Specialty Transport takes pride in providing the highest standard of safety and service available in the enclosed vehicle transport industry. We stay at the forefront of the industry with customized enclosed vehicle transport equipment, communication technology and innovative services. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers (new, repeat and referral) every time we have the opportunity to serve them.

You can trust Long Haul Specialty Transport for:

  • Coast to Coast Vehicle Transport
    • Antique, Classic, Custom, Exotic, & Luxury Vehicles
  • Enclosed Motorcycle Transport
    • This includes custom motorcycles, trikes, and motorcycles with sidecars to any and all rallies or shows
    • No crating or boxing, we use soft nylon tie-downs to secure your bike to our L-Track & E-track system
  • Transporting vehicles to and from Florida (Bi-annual Snowbird Service)
    • Wherever you live in the summer, we’ll be available for fall/winter transport to Florida (or any other warmer state in the nation), as well as for your return in the spring/summer
  • Transporting vehicles, which are bought or sold (including motorcycles)
    • We will work with you and the buyer/seller to coordinate delivery to maintain excitement of their purchase
    • Other miscellaneous services can be discussed, if needed (paperwork, payment, etc.)
  • Race Car Transport
    • Track days, meets or events
    • Our enclosed car trailer has a winch system to allow for precise and safe loading of low-profile vehicles
    • Other miscellaneous services can be discussed, if needed (storage at the track, etc.)
  • Auto Show Transport
    • Guaranteed on-time arrival to and from
  • Vehicle Relocation Transport
    • Company corporate vehicles
    • Personal vehicles
      • Including college vehicle transport for you or your young adult
  • Vehicle Auction Transport
    • Antique, Classic, Custom, Exotic and Luxury Vehicles
  • Vehicle Museum, Dealers and Manufacturer Transport
    • Special care is always first and foremost during the transport of these types of vehicles
  • Service Appointments Transport (Speed/Custom Shops, Body Shops, Specialty Shops, Dealership, etc.)
    • For routine service (oil/filter change, tire rotations, inspections), engine modifications, bodywork, etc., we can get your vehicle in for what’s needed
    • Including working with you and the service provider to ensure timely pick-up and delivery
  • Long or Short Distance Transport
    • We are available to transport your Antique, Classic, Custom, Exotic or Luxury vehicle and motorcycle, boat, or RV any distance within the continental United States (some restrictions may apply)